Urban Learning Lab 2

Following on the first sessions, we continued by involving more stakeholders and making the questions more specific. When bringing together scientists and practitioners, it became clear that there is a severe lack of access to reliable local actionable knowledge (applied science) and a lack of awareness of options and affordable innovations that companies have or know off. 

We hosted a series of offline meeting moments to bring together experts in dialogue, connecting to their professional practice, providing a space to share knowledge and exchange information. The Learning Lab constantly focussed on translate scientific knowledge towards an applied water science, by using the creative industry and business owners to connect it to practical usability for citizens, their business or creative practice. 

The objective is to be a uniting and open source knowledge platform about what citizens and small businesses can do to become part of the water solution. Creating awareness on the water situation amongst a broad audience by connecting diverse industries to the water issue through its multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary platform and method. Where anyone from the community can bring in a question or problem. 

In order to get a vibrant community the following audience needed to be targeted and involved: 

Entrepreneurs & larger private sector – Business being part of the water solution

Entrepreneurs & big business & agri(aqua)culture 

Researchers – Towards an applied water science

Research made actionable and accessible for practitioners 

Creative industry & Education – Artistic practices as a way to make water research accessible

Artists, architects, cultural practitioners, and educators

December 26, 2019 7:55 am